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Belize Baby Blanket

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Glitzy Gift Bag
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Free Knitting Patterns

All my knitting patterns shown here are FREE. You are welcome to download and print them for your personal, non-commercial use.

Of course, these patterns are still my original creations and I retain the copyright on them. That means you can download and print them for non-commercial use, or link to them from your website or blog, but not re-publish them without my permission, or sell or distribute them yourself.

(For more info, I highly recommend the Copyright FAQs for Knitters, which explains copyright law as it pertains to knitting patterns.)

If you choose one of these patterns to knit up, I'd love to hear your comments, suggestions or critiques ... and I'm happy to answer any questions you might have.

And if you'd like to share a photo of your finished object, that'd be great!   me directly via email, or find me on Ravelry as "MaggieBelize".

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"Glitzy Gift Bag" for Circle Knitting Loom - FREE!

Make a small gift more memorable with this "glitzy" knitted & felted bag!

I designed this project for loom knitting, using my trusty blue Knifty Knitter ... it's a quick & easy stash-buster, and looks really special when you're done!


I originally wrote this pattern for LoomKnittersCircle, a great resource for loom-knitters.


"Better Catnip Mouse" Knitting Pattern - FREE!

I wanted to build a better catnip mouse toy, one that would be easy & quick to make, tantalizing to my cats, but that wouldn't fall apart or leak catnip & stuffing all over the house ... and this is my result.

Combining odds & ends of scrap yarn -- less than 2 yards of wool & furry novelty yarn -- it's felted for fun & sturdiness! Plus, it's a great use for recycled felting gauge swatches.

"Belize Baby Blanket" Knitting Pattern - FREE!

The challenge: design a knitted baby blanket for a tropical climate!

To knit a baby blanket for my newborn niece, I had to find a yarn that was easy-care washable and dryable, of course, but also lightweight enough for the climate in Corozal, Belize, which is usually warm and always humid ... and believe it or not, cotton isn't the answer.

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