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LOCAL GRINGO LINKS: Some of My All-Time Favorites
bARTersauce bARTerSauce

This gal is happily demented, creating art and narrative with crazy random swaps. It's not enough to swap your item, you have to tell its story, too.

The Biggest Fan of Ira Glass

I really needed to make myself a pair of hot geek Ira Glass glasses. And here is a handy template all ready to go!
Project Wonderful

A new model for online advertising that I am especially pleased with, both as an advertiser and as an ad host. It's a transparent and cost-effective ad brokerage service for artists, entrepreneurs & other small-business online operators.

Free Kibble for Shelter Pets

A 12-year-old girl in Oregon wanted to provide food for dogs and cats in shelters. Play her Bow-Wow trivia game, and each of your free clicks provides 20 bits of kibble! (Over 2 million kibbles have been distributed since she started her website in April 2008.)

Craft Gossip

Uh oh, another crafty website to get lost in ... for hours! The Craft Gossip Blog Network is a compendium of news & tips & contests & more, o my, for crafts of every description.

Kinda Kreepy

Enter any U.S. street address on the FelonSpy.com website, and find out how many convicted felons are living in the area ... and where. FelonSpy's motto is "You Need to Know Who Your Neighbors Are." Brrrr.

"Free" Books!

Paperbackswap.com ... Whoo boy, is this a fun site! It's like an all-you-can-read buffet. Get rid of the books you've read -- paperback, hardback, whatever -- by exchanging them for books you haven't. Their inventory is over 2 million books! (If you like this one as much as I do, be sure to tell them I referred you and I'll get a free credit. My user name over there is MaggieBelize.)

Fewer Catalogs, More Trees

CatalogChoice.org ... my only regret is that I didn't find this nifty website sooner, like before Christmas when my mailbox was bursting with printed catalogs I didn't want! CatalogChoice is a non-profit organization that saves trees by getting you off mailing lists, for free. Just enter the info from the catalog's mailing label and they take care of the rest.

NM Fiber Arts The New Mexico Fiber Arts Trail

This FREE guidebook covers over 200 local fiber artists and 71 different destinations in the state of New Mexico, organized by region. You can visit artists who weave, spin, make rugs, dye fibers, run fiber farms, galleries, "trading posts" and fiber studios, many offering classes.

You can download the guide immediately, or request a copy through the website to be delivered by snail mail. (If you're not in a hurry, that's your best bet, because the booklet is beautifully photographed and printed.) I also recommend their  Fiber Arts News page.

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