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kNotes for kNitters & Unfortu-Notes

Welcome to my Paper Goods web store, where you may purchase my original Collage Art Cards directly!

My unique, handmade electronic collages, "kNotes for kNitters" and "Unfortu-Notes"
currently appear in the form of Note cards, Postcards, Fiber Care & Gift Tags, Tee Shirts, and Tote Bags.

My "kNotes for kNitters" are collages of vintage knitting & crochet images; in my "Unfortu-Notes" collage series, very strange things happen to presumably good people ...

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kNotes for kNitters

kNit Love: Not Everybody Gets It

Ah, how true. There are knitters ... and then there's the rest of the world!

This collage design, hand & digitally colored, was inspired by a small black-and-white snapshot taken sometime in the late 1910s - early 1920s. I layered it with vintage knitting patterns, the old Beehive logo, and other digital embellishments.

Hands / kNit

This is the first of my kNotes for kNitters series of collages.

As I knit, I look down at my hands moving, the amazing grace of muscle memory, and think about the millions of hands of other women, who have knit, patiently, joyously, over hundreds of years past.

This collage design honors those hands past, craft connected-ness, and the Art of Knitting "handed" down from one pair of hands to the next.

Each pair of hands in my collage is "real", and came from a vintage photograph or postcard. One pair of hands shown belonged to Queen Victoria! I'll leave you to guess which. (Email me if you'd like a clue.)

kNit Rodeo!

Even cowgirls get the purls, ya know.

The second in my kNotes for kNitters series of collages, an admonition to "Knit Rodeo"!

The design was inspired by a vintage black-and-white snapshot taken in Ada, Oklahoma in 1949, of two cowgirls who were performers in Roy Rogers' professional rodeo tour.


Bambi Gone BAD

From my Unfortu-Notes series of collages, in which very strange things happen to presumably good people ... this is Hershel in Japan #1.

O dear! In this episode, slavering, red-lipped Japanese deer have surrounded a hapless tourist. Is that blood? Give them the food, man!

He suffered debilitating nightmares for years afterwards.

Mom in Lion Cage

This design is titled "Mother Will Write Soon".

I think I would have enjoyed meeting the woman who sent this postcard to her kids in 1908, scrawling "Mother will write soon" across the bottom. Were those children scarred for life?


About My Art

My designs are based on and/or inspired by my crazy huge collection of vintage photographs, vernacular snapshots and antique postcards. Stay tuned for more ... I dream up new ones constantly ... and I'm happy to create custom designs just for you, too.

Form of Payment

I've had really good luck with PayPal, and I think you'll like it, too. Using PayPal, you can pay using checks or credit cards -- and never need to give me your personal financial info. Plus, you get buyer protection up to $2,000. What more could you ask?

For my international buyers (outside the U.S.), I've added Moneybookers payment. It's similar to PayPal, but easier for international customers to use.

Shipping & Returns

I normally ship using the U.S. Postal Service, via First Class or Priority, your choice. However, if you prefer another service, such as UPS or FedEx, just let me know.

Yes, I ship internationally -- anywhere in the world. (If you live in Italy, I will add a nominal fee for shipping insurance due to the regrettable number of packages lost there.)

I am very proud of my sterling customer service record selling on Amazon (see feedback) and eBay (see feedback) for the past three years; and my newest Etsy store (see feedback). My return policy is simple: if you're not happy, then I'm not happy. If for any reason my item turns out not to be what you wanted, simply return it to me for a prompt & cheerful refund.


Just email me. I'm happy to answer your questions promptly. And I can gift-wrap or customize any design, just for you. So drop me a line!

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